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Our blends of unrefined natural  butters and oils, aloe vera and essential oils deeply nourish your skin and hair and are gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

Where we began

I first started experimenting with homemade body butters when my daughter was born 10 years ago. I wanted a product that was free of unnecessary additives and would nourish her delicate skin. As a midwife, I've cared for babies and seen the benefits of shea butter and coconut oil in helping baby's skin to adjust to life outside of the womb.

My son developed eczema and that inspired me to find essential oils that would soothe, heal and moisturise his skin. And so, Ori by Flametree was born. 

'Ori' means shea butter in the Yoruba language and has been used across West Africa for hundreds of years (since 100CE) for its healing properties. 

The Range

Body Butter

Body Mousse

Hair Butter

Blended with aloe vera, our body butter hydrates and melts gently in to give you soft nourished skin. 


Choose your favourite butter:

Coconut Oil & Aloe Vera

Our cold-pressed virgin coconut oil is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which strengthen the skin barrier and reduce inflammation. Blended with aloe vera, this butter hydrates and soothes dry eczema-prone skin.


Cocoa Butter & Aloe Vera

Cocoa butter is rich in vitamin E which soothes and hydrates your skin, reducing stretch marks. Cocoa butter heals chapped skin and gives natural protection against the sun which slows the signs of aging. Aloe vera moisturises and tones blemishes on your skin and is known for its cooling and healing properties.


Mango Butter & Aloe Vera

This creamy butter is high in vitamins A, E and C which sitmulate your skin's natural renewal process. Mango butter improves skin elasticity, reduces acne-breakouts and redness. Along with  aloe vera's moisturising effects, this butter can reduce itching and irritation on your skin

Our blend of pure unrefined shea butter, organic coconut oil, aloe vera and essential oils deeply nourishes your skin. This whipped mousse soothes dry skin and is gentle enough for sensitive baby skin.


Choose your favourite scent:

Vanilla & Sandalwood

Vanilla is rich in antioxidants which neutralise free radicals, slowing down signs of ageing.

Sandalwood deeply moisturises the skin, reverses sun damage, and evens skin tone.


Vanilla & Lemongrass

Vanilla is rich in antioxidants which neutralise free radicals, slowing down signs of ageing.

Rich in vitamins A and C, lemongrass deeply cleanses and detoxifies your skin giving a radiant appearance.


Cedarwood & Clove

Cedarwood rebalances the skin and can help to soothe and calm irritated skin, whilst clove reduces acne and skin blemishes.


Sandalwood & Patchouli

Sandalwood deeply moisturises the skin, reverses sun damage, and evens skin tone while the earthy notes of Patchouli help to heal and detoxify your skin.

Our nourishing and moisturising hair butters are enriched with shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E. 


Choose from:

Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Rosemary

Jamaican black castor oil reduces hair breakage by moisturising, strengthening and thickening your hair. Rosemary and lemongrass stimulate hair growth, increase blood supply to your scalp and help with itchiness and dandruff.


Avocado & Neem

Avocado oil helps to seal the hair's cuticle which prevents breakage and protects from environmental pollutants. Neem oil has regenerative properties that stimulate hair follicle growth and prevents premature greying.

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