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Thu, 07 Mar


online course

The Story of Africa

Embark on an enlightening online course that takes you on a profound journey through Africa’s rich history, from its ancient civilizations to the dynamic continent it is today. Each session is designed to illuminate the diverse cultures, kingdoms, and events that have shaped Africa over millennia.

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The Story of Africa
The Story of Africa

Time & Location

07 Mar 2024, 19:00 – 12 Apr 2024, 21:00

online course

About the Event

Book via The Story of Africa – Newham Mosaic

Please see below an initial course outline (subject to change):

Session 1 – Friday 1st March: Beginnings and Wonders Dive into Africa’s prehistory and explore the marvels of Ancient Egypt, where pharaohs ruled and pyramids stood as eternal testaments to one of the world’s oldest civilizations.

Session 2 – Friday 8th March: Kingdoms of Wealth and Wisdom: Journey through the sands of time to discover the kingdoms of Kush, Axum, and Carthage, then venture south to the architectural wonders of Great Zimbabwe and the thriving trade centers of the Swahili Coast.

Session 3 – Friday 15th March: Empires of Gold and Learning: Uncover the stories of West Africa’s golden empires: Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. Learn about the prosperous cities of Kanem-Bornu and the influential Hausa States, where trade and scholarship flourished.

Session 4 – Friday 22nd March: Crossroads of Cultures Explore the Maghreb’s rich history at the crossroads of Africa and the Mediterranean. Discover the powerful kingdoms of Oyo, Dahomey, and Asante, renowned for their military prowess and cultural vibrancy.

Session 5 – Friday 5th April: Turmoil and Transformation Witness the Maafa, the African Holocaust, and delve into the Scramble for Africa that reshaped the continent. Understand the impact of colonization and the rise of Pan-Africanism as a beacon of hope and resistance.

Session 6 – Friday 12th April: New Beginnings and Modern Challenges Trace Africa’s journey through the post-colonial era to its current position on the global stage. Explore the challenges and triumphs of Africa today, as it builds a future that honors its past while forging new paths forward.

Why Join Us?

  • Gain comprehensive insights from an expert tutor passionate about African history.
  • Engage with interactive content designed to make history come alive.
  • Connect with a wide community of learners.
  • Earn a certificate of completion and become part of the Newham Mosaic learning community.

This course offers a unique opportunity to explore the heritage, struggles, and resilience of Africa.

Enroll now and start your journey through the heart of Africa’s history. Discover the past, understand the present, and get inspired by the future of this incredible continent.

Course Registration

Book via The Story of Africa – Newham Mosaic

This course is suitable for adults and children aged 10 plus. It will be run live on Zoom by Ayo Haynes of Flame Tree Collective. Each adult or young person over 16 attending should complete this registration form for themselves adding any children (under 16) that they are responsible for. Please say a little about yourself and your background in the message box. We need the first part of your postcode (eg E6) but anything else is helpful but optional.


  • The Story of Africa

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