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Black History Courses

Improve your general knowledge of Black History and embark on a journey of discovery with us. 

The Story of Africa: a brief history

Interested in learning more about Africa's history? In this course we will explore historical events on the continent of Africa from the dawn of time to present day. You can study at your own pace and will recieve a certificate once completed. 

We will cover the following topics:


1 - The Dawn of Mankind

2 - Ancient Egypt

3 - Ancient Egypt

4 - Kingdom of Kush

5 - Carthage

6 - Nok Culture

7 - Kingdom of Axum

8 - The Swahili Coast

9 - Ghana Empire

10 - Kanem-Bornu Empire


10 - Kingdoms of Mapungubwe, Zimbabwe & Mutapa

11 - Mali Empire

12 - Songhai Empire

13 - The Maghreb

14 - The Mossi Kingdoms

15 - The Hausa States 

16 - Oyo Empire

17 - Kingdom of Buganda

18 - Kingdoms of Kongo & Ndongo

19 - Kingdoms of Benin & Dahomey

20 - Kingdom of Asante


21 - Maafa - The African Holocaust

22 - Returnees: Liberia, Sierra Leone, The Creoles

23 - The Scramble for Africa

24 - Kingdom of the Zulu, The Boer Wars

25 - The Sokoto Caliphate

26 - Colonial Era

27 - Pan-Africanism & Independence

28 - Post-Colonial Era

29 - Africa Today

30 - Africanfuturism

Course available from January 2024. Please register your interest here.

Online Pod Course

Our Pod course is an interactive and engaging way to learn about stories from Africa and Black History. It covers African history in 3 modules starting from the beginning of time to present day. These modules can be completed in any order and if you attend all 3, you receive a certificate of completion.

Each session covers:

  • Bite-sized history topics

  • A focus on an iconic black person (Kings and Queens, Inventors, Role Models)

  • Fun facts about an African country

Delivered on Zoom, the sessions are interactive with quizzes, games and videos.

You can choose to join in for:

  • A single session to learn about a period of history,

  • A module if you are interested in a particular era of Africa’s history or

  • The 3 modules for a comprehensive study of Africa through the ages.

flame tree pod2.jpg

Aimed at children ages 5-12 (key stage 1 & 2), children can learn about Black History in a simple and engaging way. Younger siblings are welcome to join in the sessions for free.

Age-appropriate resources (stories, worksheets, activities) bring the history to life. 

A virtual course for teens and adults exploring history in a concise and interactive way.

Sessions give an understanding of how the past impacts us today.

THE KIDS POD TASTER: History-The Swahili Coast,  Country- Libya,  Person- Muammer Gaddafi

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now

There are two gifts we should give our children: one is roots the other is wings

Keyboard and Mouse



Fantastic opportunity for your children (and yourself) to learn more about black history. Great interactive format, activities such as quizzes and storytime. Book now, you won't regret

Keyboard and Mouse


He really enjoys his  Pod classes. (I wish he was as eager to do his online school learning as he is with this!) You explain it in a way that really makes him want to listen and afterwards he tells us all about the new things he has learnt.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now

Keyboard and Mouse



I love this course because it makes history more than just dates and events. It pulls out the stories and makes it memorable  and fun. I have especially enjoyed the country highlights as has added to my travel bucket list!

Keyboard and Mouse


I find myself looking forward to the next session every week. The Roots course has made me think of history in a new way.

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