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Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration of black heritage, culture and community held from Dec 26 - Jan 1.


Each day a candle is lit on the kinara (candleholder) to represent a principle:

Day 1 Umoja (unity) black

Day 2 Kujichagulia (self-determination) red

Day 3 Ujima (collective work & responsibility) green

Day 4 Ujamaa (co-operative economics) red

Day 5 Nia (purpose) green

Day 6 Kuumba (creativity) red

Day 7 Imani (faith) green

Kwanzaa Candles

SKU: KWA211227
  • Set of 7 Kwanzaa candles.

    Length 10"

    1x black candle

    3x red candles

    3x dark green candles

    (Candleholders and accessories not included)

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